Corporate Social Responsibility

Our organization aims to realize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a sustainable way. We structurally expand our teams with employees from Social Return, we create dedicated multi-skilled customer teams who feel involved with our partners and want to bring every contact moment to a Next Level.

Together with the municipality of Rijswijk and the municipality of The Hague, we have started the initiative to help long-term job-seekers find a job. We offer them the opportunity to fully retrain and develop into a job in financial services.

In our vision, every individual can be of value to society, if properly supervised by the right experts. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means giving everyone a chance. We consciously invest in people who are looking for a career within the customer domain in the financial business sector. We want to contribute to increasing labor participation and employability, resulting in socially responsible profit for both the organization and value and meaningfulness for the individual.

We implement this by expanding our own teams with these candidates or providing this for our clients. Permanent training and education is an integral part of this. Does your organization have an SROI (Social Return) obligation? Q-linq can fully take over this obligation for you and take care of everything for you, for example recruitment & selection, guidance & training and the administration.

Resa de Zwart

"With the right training & guidance, a distance from the labor market does not have to be a obstacle, we are committed to this target group, everyone deserves a fair chance on the labor market".