What is Q-learn

Q-learn is A part of Q-linq that provides training as a recognized and licensed training company for customer contact skills within the (financial) business sector.

We have developed internal programs for this purpose (modular) whereby we have also made use of official and recognized training materials (including KSF and FSA certificates). The program mix is partly intended to provide staff and candidates with official certification so that in an absolute sense employability is increased and, where applicable, the chance of sustainable outflow is increased.

Together with the municipality of Rijswijk and the municipality of Zoetermeer, we have started the initiative to help long-term job-seekers with a thorough training program. We offer them the opportunity to fully retrain and develop into a job in financial services.

We are specialized in training in customer contact skills (front and back office) for the (financial) business sector. This means general and specific customer contact skills and content in areas such as collection and debtor monitoring and laws and regulations such as FSA, Wwft and AVG.

We distinguish two target groups:

  • People with the ambition for re-participation in the labor market within the customer domain of the (financial) business sector.
  • Personnel with a need for (periodic) specific training and further training.

To achieve sustainability in existing and new employment positions, individual guidance is a distinctive factor. This guidance provides activation, motivation and the relationship between employee and employer.

The coaching activity is also important for Q-learn in order to constantly improve the quality and content of the training programs. Feedback from both employee and employer is actively sought after.

Experience with the target groups and the field is a decisive factor for effective guidance and knowledge transfer.
We work with experienced and certified trainers for both the different target groups and the sector so that optimal guidance and results are guaranteed.

Knowledge and skills must be especially applicable and fit in with practice. In our training courses, we focus on current practical situations and circumstances so that professional and personal skills are best used and achieve maximum return for the employee and organization.

We work for both employers (training and staffing) and for Employer Service Points (sustainable labor participation of candidates). In the field of training and training development and certification we also work together with other organizations specialized in this field.

Clients may have to deal with organizations with specific issues, wishes and / or requirements. In these cases, a training will be put together that is tailor made to the demand.