Who is Q-linq?

We have a track record for more than 10 years in the financial services sector and have a broad experience in both compliance and customer related domains in the B2B market. Q-linq provides Multilingual Onboarding (KYC), Compliance & Servicedesk solutions for the financial industry. Additionally, we colleborate with multiple municipalities in the Netherlands regarding training & employment services.

Our mission is to provide a service that goes beyond expectations, professional, committed, innovative and with the human dimension. Our vision is the innovative completion of compliance and customer management in the financial and business sector and to be a recognized value partner in this, the next level, the Q-linq way.

Experienced teams
We work with experienced teams and involve new employees in cooperation with various agencies. We stand for professionalism, corporate social responsibility and we invest in the sustainability of our relationships and solutions.

We believe that customer support includes a full circle. Every customer contact moment is part of the entire customer process. By connecting the various customer processes to each other, we create value for both our clients and customers.

Maurice Coenen

Maurice Coenen has years of experience and expertise in the financial services sector in middle and senior management positions and in both personnel and operational positions in large and small companies: general management, compliance, risk and security management.

Resa de Zwart

Resa de Zwart has been active for years in the financial services sector and management of various operational departments in credit management and payments sector.

He creates tight-knit teams that take ownership of company activities. In his view, this forms a binding value in the cooperation with the employee, the client and the end customer.

Partners & Advisors

Peter Verbaas

Peter Verbaas has years of experience in the financial sector and brings along with him as a co-shareholder a lot of expertise. A small selection of his career: International bank director and supervisor at various banks (including ING, ABN Amro, ASN bank, UBS bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers) and other institutions (including Oxfam Novib, VUmc). Experience in investment banking, asset management and wealth management. He is Social consultant and investor and has a long-term experience as a supervisory director.

Peter Inklaar

Sales and relationship management in consultancy and ICT services. Extensive experience with logistic optimization of administrative processes at banks, insurers and governments. Social entrepreneur, consultant and investor. Increasingly driven by social impact. Q-linq has opportunities for better performance in fintech companies.

Martin van Oyen

Martin is involved as a co-shareholder in Q-linq. In addition, he has previously established a fintech company and is a lawyer in Amsterdam.

With Q-linq he hopes to be able to take care of payment service providers and other financial companies in the area of customer handling and compliance.